Two Zombies Later

Von: Moritz R [mailto:moritzR@t-online.de]
Gesendet: Montag, 3. November 2003 00:05
Betreff: Two Zombies Later

Ladies and Gentlemen!

May we introduce to you the release of a highly unusual music project. The release of "Two Zombies Later", the music of the Exotica Mailing List. For a period of 3 months (starting 1st of November, 2003, 7 pm PST) you will be able to get access to free download of a double-CD made by the members of one of the most distinguished and longest-existing mailing lists of the internet: The Exotica Mailing List. This discussion group has been exchanging thoughts and information about strange and unusual music for almost a decade. Its members are music lovers from all over the world, many of them artists, writers, film-makers and last not least musicians. Now they offer you an exciting musical compilation, stuffed full with new music fed by the experience of listening to a million records of all ages. Among the participants you'll find well known names like Brother Cleve of Combustible Edison, Tipsy, Dana Countryman, Skip Heller, the Bran Flakes, Der Plan and Don Tiki. But don't let that fool you: even among the names you seemingly never heard before you'll discover musical pearls of amazing beauty.

The idea and original initiative for this project came from nobody less than Otis Fodder, who has been behind a couple of other musical online-projects, such as the amazing "365 days" project, providing online-access for every day of the year 2003 to one rare incredibly strange musical nugget dug out of the sheer infinite goldmines of thriftshop boxes from all over the world.

The double-CD "Two Zombies Later" comes with more than 100 minutes of crisp-fresh music in MP3-format never published before and a full cover artwork, that you just need to download and print out. Although the entire project was intended as a project of joy, it also contains two messages: the message of freedom of publication. Not everything in our world is done for the money. And the message of friendship. A group of people sharing an intense interest for music joining for a personal demonstration of what gets them going: the idea of Exotica.

"Two Zombies Later" artists have collaborated with the following acknowledged musicians: Acid Mother Temple, The All Good Funk Alliance, Dave Alvin, Jon Appleton, Eugene Chadbourne, Combustible Edison, Nicola Conte, Dauerfisch, Martin Denny, Der Plan, DNA, Andreas Dorau, Juan Garcia Esquivel, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Crystal Gayle, Gentle People, Bebel Gilberto, Glitch, Lalo Guerrero, Richie Hawtin, The International Terrorist Network, Karminsky Experience, The Looney Tunes, The Mars Volta, Katy Moffatt, Morgoth, Markus Nikolai, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Pizzicato Five, Frank Popp, Peter Principle, Pyrolator, Stan Ridgway, Royal Trux, Yma Sumac, Peter Thomas, Ursula 1000, Weird "Al" Yankowic, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Otomo Yoshihide, 10-Speed Guillotine, and others.

The webpage of "Two Zombies" Later is here!

The press release in English is here!

For further info, interviews, or any other activity spreading the word of this unique project please conatct zombie@moritzr.de !

Thanks for reading!
Aloha! Your Moritz R

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